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Daniel Collard - X Company

Danny Chesworth in Rehearsals

Danny begins rehearsals today for JACK AND THE BEANSTALK at Newbury Corn Exchange.

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Daniel Collard shooting overseas

Daniel is currently overseas, shooting a new feature film.

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Roxanne Applebee on a Shoot

Roxanne has recently been on a Stills shoot.

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Daniel Bellus in Hamlet

Daniel is back working with THE THREE INCH FOOLS this week.

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Acushla-Tara Kupe in Romea and Julian

Acushla-Tara is currently appearing in ROMEA AND JULIAN at The Bread and Roses Theatre, Clapham.

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Johnny Byrom in Peterloo

Mike Leigh's PETERLOO is released in cinemas today, featuring Johnny as John Johnston.

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Charlotte Tudor at The Tower of London

Charlotte appears in BEYOND THE DEEPENING SHADOW at The Tower of London, opening this weekend.

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Chloe-Ann Morgan on the Viking Sea

Chloe-Ann is now in her last month on board the Viking Sea as a Vocalist.

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